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Old Riga private walking tour

Price: 90 EUR (for 1-6 people)


  • A 2.5h walking tour with a private guide that covers most important sightseeing sites in Medieval Old Riga

Available languages: English, Russian, Norwegian, German

The Old Town is the heart of Riga - place where the city was born in 1201.  The Old Town has highly diverse architecture, and the majority of buildings have the status of a cultural monument. The city's architecture represents various periods - Romanticism, Gothic, Baroque, Classicism, and Modernism.  During the tour you will see: Blackheads'house, St.Peter's church, the Dome square, St. Jacob's church, the Parliament building, the Swedish gate, part of the former fortification wall, Gunpowder tower, the „Cat House", Guild houses, ,St. John's church, and so on. Each corner of Riga has its special story or a legend behind it. You will have a chance to face some of those stories. If you wish there will be a possibility to taste some typical Latvian food and drinks.

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Art Nouveau private walking tour

Price: 90 EUR (for 1-6 people)


  • A 2h walking tour with a private quide

Available languages: English, Russian, Norwegian, German

Riga is recognized as Art Nouveau architecture capital in Europe. Although the period of Art Nouveau was rather short - from the end of 19th century up to the 1WW, it is represented in Riga by more then 800 hundred buildings. Most impressive of which are located in Riga central area protected by UNESCO which we are going to see during this private walking tour. Spectacular facades of the buildings give good impression how prosperous the city was during that period.  At the end of the tour you can also visit Art Nouveau Museum at Alberta str. 12 (entrance tickets for additional price).

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Hot air balloon flights

Price: 180 EUR (1 to 6 people), Private flight for two - 500 EUR

Includes:  The Flight typically last about one hour. In total, you should count on about 3 to 4 hour commitment. This includes check-in, balloon inflation, the flight, pack-up, transportation back from the landing site, champagne toast, commemorative flight certificate​.

Hot Air ballooning is a fine way to ride into the sunrise and enjoy romantics in sunset. It's also one of most unique and inspiring ways to appreciate chilly towns, rural scenery and  gorgeous coastline both spring, summer and winter time.

Skilful pilots launch just before dawn or sunset when the winds are at their calmest. Floating up in the air as the goldy sunshine spreads across Latvia will take your breath away.

Hot-Air Ballooning is an activity contingent to weather and flights are subject to cancellation because of unsafe flying conditions. If you're planning a special occasion keep this in mind. Always have a plan B for your itinerary. Weather decisions may be made 1 hour prior to check-in of your flight.

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Medieval city of Sigulda tour

Price: from 100 EUR (per person)


  • 8 hour tour with a private guide exploring the medieval city of Sigulda

Available languages: English, Russian​

Sigulda, town in the Vidzeme Region of Latvia, 53 kilometers (33 miles) from the capital city of Riga. Sigulda is famous for it's dramatic landscape, river valley and the surrounding hills. Sigulda is attractive in any season, but becomes especially so when the fall brings it's colours to Sigulda's vast greenery.  You will visit Sigulda Castle and Turaida Castle, Gutmanis cave, Valenti Gift shop. Relax in our bath house with sauna and an outdoor Arctic SPA bath (for an additional price).



Retro tram private sightseeing tours

Price 125 EUR (for a group of 1- 15 people)


  • a ride with retro tram for 1h, sightseeing tour ​
  • a souvenir from Riga for all guests

Every weekend from May till September the Retro Tram runs the famous route from Ausekļa Street, via Radio Circle, to Mežaparks, and back.

Riga introduced electric trams in 1901 to replace the former horse-drawn carriages. This particular model of electric tram from 1909-1910 was built in 1982 using old blueprints and photographs. The carriage weights 9 tons with maximum capacity of 30 people with seating for 18 passengers.


Riga Zoo Guided tour (Riga Zoological Park)

Price 120 EUR (for a group of max.10 people)


  • a ​ guided tour for groups
  • a souvenir from Riga for all quests

Riga Zoo was opened in Riga's greenest district Mežaparks in 1912. During dozens of years, its collection was significantly supplemented, and now you'll meet there many interesting animals like tigers, bears, giraffes, kangaroos and coatis, visit the Tropical House and explore the underwater world. Riga Zoo is open all year round. You can pat some Latvian traditional home animals in the Children's Zoo which always has baby animals - lambkins, piglets, and baby rabbits. A large area is occupied by waterfowl, another area by birds of prey - griffons, condors, and others. Look for exotic animals in the farthest end of the zoo - hippos lounging on the terrace, giraffes living in a huge house, kangaroos springing around. Please, remember that feeding animals is not allowed.

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Riga yacht sailing tour​


Monday to Thursday - 480 EUR (per person)

Friday and Weekends - 540 EUR (per person)​


  • A private yacht sailing tour


  • A light picnic basket with a bottle of the finest sparkling wine - 25 EUR per person (other snacks available on request)

  • Large groups (up to 20) available on request

Duration: 4 hours

During this private tour you'll be able to enjoy the waves, catch the fresh breeze and take stunning pictures. Various yachts are available, with different sizes, load weights and speed capabilities.

(Tour is only available May through September!)

Latvian Food Tasting Tour at Riga Central Market

Discover Riga Central Market ! Sample a wide range of Latvian specialities and get closer to the stomach of the city on our tempting 2-hour Food Tasting Tour.

Duration: 2 hours   email:

Available in

  • English


  • Navigate Riga's impressive Central Market with a local foodie
  • Sample a range of delicious and unusual Latvian specialities
  • Get insider tips on where and what to eat during your stay


Curious about Latvian food? Forget potatoes and sour cabbage - Riga Central Market has much more to offer! Join our two-hour Food Tasting Tour to sample a range of tempting Latvian delicacies from hemp butter, smoked meats and pickled vegetables to fine Latvian breads, seasonal specialities and more. Everything is high quality and many of the products are unique to the region.

Besides introducing you to Latvian cuisine, your friendly guide will also tell you about the history of the Central Market and share tips on where and what to eat during your stay.

Soviet Riga Walking Tour

Visit must-see places in Riga that are legacies of the city's Soviet past, find out what life was like behind the Iron Curtain, and taste typical Soviet-era food on a fascinating walking tour with a friendly local guide.

Duration: 3 hours

Available in

  • English


  • Visit must-see places that are legacies of Riga's Soviet past
  • Learn about life during the occupation
  • Admire beautiful panoramic views
  • Taste typical Soviet-era food
  • Enjoy a small-group or private tour


What was it like living in Riga during the Soviet occupation? How did it start? How did it affect the local people? If you want to find out what life was like behind the Iron Curtain, join our fascinating and historical walking tour!

This tour takes you to some of the must-see places in Riga that are legacies of the city's Soviet past. You'll see typical Soviet-era buildings, hear about life during the occupation, visit a famous KGB building, and enjoy great panoramic views.

You'll also see a Soviet-style cafeteria and have the chance to taste some typical Soviet-era food.

NB! This tour is suitable for active people; a moderate amount of walking is involved.

Ethnographic Open Air Museum

Join our fascinating Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum Tour to see examples of regional architectural styles dating from the end of the 17th century to the late 1930s. This tour is perfect for those on a tight schedule who want to see more than just Riga.

Duration: 4 hours

Available in

  • English
  • Discover Latvian vernacular architecture
  • Explore historical buildings from all cultural regions
  • Admire Latvian handicrafts

Founded in 1924, the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum has acquired almost 120 buildings dating as far back as the 17th century from all over the Latvian countryside. Spanning over 87 hectares, the museum highlights regional differences in architecture, religion, cuisine and lifestyle, and offers fascinating insights into the different professions and trades of Latvians throughout history.

Our fun and informative guides will not only give you an overview of Latvian history, but also explain how the past has impacted life in different parts of Latvia today. This tour is perfect for those on a tight schedule who want to see more than just the capital. Join us for a great day out!

We can pick you up from your hotel, or you can meet us at our office - just let us know your preference when booking.